Who we are

Krotos specializes in the Human Capital Management space. Our services range from implementation consulting to client-side project management. As a tech start up, we have built multiple products for solving challenges around complex reporting, data conversion, data integration and real-time notifications to make timely business decisions.

Why choose us



A team of individuals who think outside the box and enjoy creative problem solving



Our motto is “show us what you want, and we will build it”



We use our varied work experiences to provide our clients with the solutions they want

Join Our Team

At Krotos Group, it is not just our customers we aim to please. We are equally committed to ensuring all of us enjoy what we do. We strive for a good work life balance as we believe it’s fundamental to retaining our most valuable asset; us. To top it off, all team members receive bonuses tied to company success, this ensures we all get a piece of the pie that we collectively strive for.