Konnect Integrations

Konnect is a powerful integration solution built by the Krotos team. It is capable of talking to multiple systems, building and pushing data to other systems, sending notifications to people in real-time, and much more. It is essentially a solution to execute business logic as needed by our customers.

Konnect Intelligence

Our customers asked, and we delivered. We kept hearing about the needs for complex reporting, getting data beyond a single system, complexities on creating reports, limitations in reporting capabilities, and so on. We built Konnect Intelligence as an online system where complex reporting needs can be met. Our methodology here is to simply hear what needs to be included in the report, and we build it for you.

Konnect Real-time Notifications

Employees of an organization need access to information as soon as it is available in order to make decisions. Your existing systems may have functionality to send alerts and notifications based on certain events, but, they’re limited to data within that system and the broader picture is never seen.

Our “Konnect” real-time notifications platform connects with your data and fires notifications to appropriate persons based on logic you desire. For example, you may want to send steps a manager should take if an employee is consistently late, and these steps may reside in a different system or elsewhere. The platform is basically a notifications system on steroids.

All our solutions are hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) so your data is secure. We also do not store data unless it is needed as part of your solution.